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arlington national cemetery with a backpack full of suspicious materials. but now he is charged with last year's shooting targeting four military buildings. our delia gonclaves is live at the pentagon with a look at today's developments. delia? >> reporter: investigators say that yonathan melaku fired nearly seven shots here at the pentagon last october and when they searched his home last friday they say they gathered the evidence that they needed. videos of him in the act including some bomb making materials. the 22-year-old enlisted in the marine corps reserves in 2007. assigned to baltimore's engineering battalion. no one was hurt but the overnight attack of course caused lots of panic and $100,000 in damages. so the marine corps museum and pentagon discovered damage. >> it is always disappointing when someone wears this uniform
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gets in trouble with the law in any capacity and obviously something of this nature is heart wrenching to us but also we have got 200,000 marines deployed worldwide aboard naval vessels that are doing exceptional work. >> reporter: we can tell you though yonathan melaku was never deployed but he was trained of course to fire a gun. investigators believe they have recovered the weapon he used in the attacks last fall. now, here is a copy of that criminal complaint that was filed in court today charging yonathan melaku with four counts of destruction. he faces a whole lot of jail time if convicted. 35 years to life behind bars. lesli? >> all right, delia, thank you for that. a military recruiting station in seattle appears to have been the target for two men arrested in los angeles. the justice department says joseph david and frederick
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deminga jr. were planning to attack with machine guns and grenades. they face weapons charges tonight. walking out of budget talks today with vice president joe biden today. the virginia republican saying the group working to find a compromise on the debt ceiling faced an impasse. john boehner saying they have to take it offer the table. >> we have to stop spending money we don't have. >> we are all going to make some very difficult decisions. >> the group has been meeting since the middle of last month to try to find an agreement by august 2nd. the district will not be allowed to use tax dollars for abortions. a house committee today rejected an amendment that would have allowed dc to use local dollars on the procedures. it was supposed to be part of the appropriations bill for the upcoming fiscal year. the ban on tax funded abortions was implemented when congress passed the budget that averted
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a federal shutdown. drivers who use their personal vehicles while on the job will soon be able to deduct even more from their taxable income. the irs is increasing the deduction to 55.5 cents a mile. that's a 4.5-cent increase from the current rate and it takes effect on july 1st. by the way, average price for a gallon of gas is up 83 cents since last year. metro bus drivers are worried about their safety on the job. several of them have been attacked in just the past couple of weeks. so this morning many of them took some extra time looking for safety problems on their buses. and as lindsey mastis reports that means many riders were late for work. >> they were a little late. running late this morning. i don't know why. >> reporter: it is because before these buses left the depot the drivers did a thorough inspection including radio checks. three drivers have ended up in the hospital in the past two
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weeks and in one case -- >> the radio nor the surveillance cameras was on the bus when the operator was assaulted by sixteen -- six teenagers. >> it is creating a safety problem. >> yes, i'm suggesting it is creating a safety situation from the standpoint we can't support the people who are out there. >> reporter: the assistant general manager of bus services said metro is trying to help drivers by adding police. >> last night there was a concentrated effort of i believe an additional 20 operators that road buses, were visible to bus operators, visible to the public. >> reporter: all together that's 38 officers but there are more than 1000 buses. he admits that up to half the buses have broken surveillance systems or no surveillance at all. >> one thing that the employees don't have to worry about is whether or not they will be assaulted or jumped when they come to work. >> reporter: in washington, i'm
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lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> metro said there were safety problems with 10 of the buses this morning. none of them had issues with their raid wrotes though. the beachtown pediatrician they now call dr. paedophile was found guilty by a delaware judge today in a case with a stunning number of victims. 58-year-old dr. earl bradley had a practice in lewis delaware. the average age of the victims were only three years olds. the verdict came down late this afternoon. >> reporter: they call him dr. paedophile. originally charged with abusing at least 127 children in 500 separate acts. today he was found guilty of 98 of those counts including 14 first-degree rapes of toddlers, average age of three years olds. those were the crimes that were captured on videotape. bradley, 58-year-old
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pediatrician, who operated in lewis, delaware. this was a horrible private matter for many courtroom observers. some cried. none talked to reporters. bradley's court-appointed lawyer under a gag order was able only to describe the doctor's demeanor today. >> he was pretty quiet today. he is okay. nothing remarkable there. >> what are your thoughts about appeals in this case? >> we are going to file one. >> reporter: delaware's attorney general bo bidden, the vice president's son, not talking about the verdict. >> the gag order is still in place. thank you very much. >> reporter: after years of suspicions and blown investigations bradley was indicted in february last year for molesting kids after complaints by parents. today's verdicts do not end this case. there is still sentencing scheduled for august. and you heard bradley's attorney say he is planning an appeal. bradley claims the videotape was seized illegally. and he did not get a fair trial. in georgetown, delaware, scott broom, 9news now.
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>> bradley has been behind bars since his arrest in december of 2009. right as the nationals seem to be hitting their stride startling news out of the ballpark tonight. >> not a single person in the organization saw this coming before today that jim riggleman, the manager, would resign. he gave team management an ultimateium to renew his contract by the ends of today's game. they refused. and he walked. a live report from the ballpark with comments from both sides coming up in sports. topper? >> wow. we will take you out with the almanac. a break on temps. 86 and 78 goes in the books. now, if you're a statistics freak, 78 is a record high low. but doesn't get below that by midnight, that will be in the books as tying the all time record high. a cold front coming up. moves to the top of the fbi's most wanted list when osama bin laden was killed but now he is under arrest.
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a judge ordered him to be returned to massachusetts. he was arrested in los angeles last night after 16 years on the run. he and his girlfriend moved into a santa monica apartment 15 years ago and paid cash. the 81-year-old fled boston back in 1995 after being tipped off by an fbi agent that he was about to be indicted for murder. back here in dc, police are trying to track down a burglar. people living in cleveland park say they have had flowers stolen from their yard at community garden plots in the last few months. some described the man walking the streets with his arm full of flowers. you can read more about the
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investigation including a description of the suspect at just click on where you live. our consumer team told you all about the risks of fake products last year and today experts came together at the national press club to push that message once again. despite the familiar packaging you see here, this, all this stuff, is counterfeit. medicines and electronics not only threatening our economy and job but they also can put you in harm's way. you may have heard about an apple cart but what about the taco cart. don't want to upset the taco cart. we will explain why that happened today coming up. but first, a check on what's ahead on tonight's cbs evening news. after a 16-year manhunt a notorious mob boss is finalityly in custody. hoofless caught whitey bulger. plus, inside some "60 minute" interviews with some of his
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closest mob lieutenants. that's tonight on the cbs evening news.
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call or click today. so you were standing by waiting for your district taco lunch but you couldn't get your guacamoli fix today because the truck tripped over in arlington this morning. happened on the ramp from lee highway to i-66. fortunately no one was hurt. the owners blame a broken toe hitch was the problem. tensions heating up between the board of a bethesda hospital and its neighbors. a montgomery county judge ruled in favor of expanding suburban hospital denying an appeal by the huntington terrace citizens association. kristin fisher spent the day in that neighborhood to bring you both sides of the story. >> huntington terrace is one of the best places in the country to live, to work, to raise a family. >> reporter: he has lived on lincoln street for the last 23 years the same street as
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suburban hospital. >> we commissioned a study a few years ago to have some health care experts look at our facilities and it was our assessment they were 36% under. >> reporter: led to a massive decade long expansion plan that would eat into the huntington terrace neighborhood. >> we want the hospital to be able to go forward and achieve its goals but in a way that makes sense for its neighbors. they have bullied us, treated us with contempt and pretty much steam rolled the community. >> reporter: if this proposed expansion goes on as planned what it means is that every home on this street, 10 homes, all currently owned by the hospital, all of them would be torn down to make room for this new expansion. >> we have been asking the hospital for many months now to sit down and work with us in a good safe dialogue. so far the hospital has stiffed us. >> i think the neighborhood is absolutely incorrect. i think we have worked very lard to put forward the type of program that addresses the
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needs, that is as sensitive to the community but meets standards. >> the hospital still needs to be approved by the montgomery county council and a hearing is set for mid-july. you might think that this dare devil is in need of a hospital. he has convinced lawmakers to give him the go ahead to walk across niagra falls on a tightrope. so that would be a 22-hundred walk above the falls but he still needs final approval from the governor and the folks on the canadian side. so what do you think? >> i think it is a horrible idea. >> boy, that's one heck of a fall. >> yes. if you don't make it, that is one heck of a fall. >> well, and that's it. >> that's it. >> i mean that's it. game over. game over. >> all right. temperatures are held down because of cloud cover.
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a cold front on the map that would give a chance for showers. best chance will be tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. may set the stage for a very nice weekend. let's go to the temps. low 80s. pretty much everywhere. pretty uniform too. 81 downtown in gaithersburg, 82 in frederick. even 79 in manassas. and 81 as you head down 95 south into fredericksburg. 81 also in culpeper. even winchester is 81. first look at the radar. look at the wide picture. a tornado watch. little bit of west virginia and kentucky. we are in the doldrums if you will. some showers going north of the maryland/p.a. border. you may get a shower or thunderstorm up in chambersburg but you can walk the dog. it will stay dry. not as muggy tonight. isolated thunderstorm is possible. but a much better chance on friday. and some of the storms could be
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heavy. and a few of those could be severe tomorrow. in fact, here is a look at our futurecast. this isn't current. showers are showing up back west of cumberland. showers in the mountains. very quiet if you want to take a walk tonight. tomorrow morning, looks like a dry commute. maybe even a bit of sunshine for a change in the morning. showers possible by lunchtime. keep that in minds if you're taking a walk to lunch. by evening there will be some showers developing. this doesn't look crazy heavy but i think some of these will be a little heavier than are indicated. everything is green here which is light. but i think we are going to see some more. showers could linger west of the divide. i think we will be in good shape saturday and sunday with lower humidity. chance of a thunderstorm in. winds out of the southwest at about 10. now, tomorrow morning, becoming
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partly cloudy. very warm. chance of a shower by lunchtime. so late in the morning. 70s and 80s. but a dry commute. by afternoon, partly cloudy, almost hot. some storms. again with a cold front. some could be heavy. a few could be severe. highs 86 to 90. winds west-southwest at 10. air quality code yellow. moderate air quality. but all we can hope for. that's a pretty good deal. we will break it down for you. 80 to 85 by noon. could be a shower by lunchtime. better chance for showers and storms by evening. 86 to about 90. all right. we got the big safeway barbecue battle. 85 on saturday. we will tuck a little drop in there. i think all the showers will be in the mountains. then on sunday, sunshine, 86, low humidity just about a perfect weekend. we will see you out there on saturday. >> all right. i fooled you. next few days maybe a shower on saturday. 85. 86. nice on sunday. hit it again for me. >> thank you. >> all right. monday we are around 90. a slight chance of a shower then the heat does return.
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mid to upper 90s on tuesday. low 90s on wednesday. some showers and thunderstorms possible. then we get into next thursday, still looking at temperatures right around 90. so nice break over the week. >> guess what, jim riggleman is a man of his word. >> he is. and i don't blame him on one hand because they clearly were not committing to him. i don't blame the nationals either because you can make a decision like that with a gun to your head in the course of a three-hour baseball game. >> true. >> jim riggleman drew his line in the sand and the nats didn't care. how today's standoff unfolded at the ballpark and how it led to the skipper's sudden resignation. plus the nba draft is tonight. what will the wizards do with that number 6 pick. 9sports looks into it after this.
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stop sign time for 9sports with brett haber. best sports in town. >> today was supposed to be a celebration for the nats. swept the mariners. above 500 for the first time since mid-april. jim riggleman dropping a bombshell that nobody saw coming. the nats' manager abruptly resigned following the game this afternoon. having given team management an ultimatum. jim riggleman told the gm mike rizzo before the game unless the team picked up his contract option for next year by the time the game was over, he, jim riggleman would not get on the bus to travel with the team to chicago. mike rizzo refused that ultimatum and jim riggleman quit. this has taken everybody by surprise inside and outside the organization. >> reporter: it has, brett. this was somewhat of a dream job for jim riggleman. grew up in rockville as a senators fan. saying he would love to coach a big league team in his
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hometown. he finally got the opportunity taking over from manny acta in '09. now less than two years later he is walking out the door. jim riggleman addressed his decision today after the game. >> it has been brewing for a while but i just felt that i know i'm not casey stingle but i do feel like i know what i'm doing and it is not a situation where i felt like that i should continue on with such a short leash. >> i'm sure jim has his reasons and i'm sure everyone has their reasons. but when it comes down to it we are the guys on the field and we have to continue to get better every day and work hard. no matter who the manager is. >> reporter: so jim riggleman not getting on the bus with the nats today obviously after the game. they are head to go chicago trying to stay focused and keep winning. jim riggleman in his 19th season as a big league coach and manager. he wasn't asking necessarily for more money, he was asking
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for the team to pick up the option on his contract which doesn't sound that unreasonable considering he only made $600,000. now, that's the lowest of any major league manager in the league. brett, back to you. >> kristin, thank you. seems clear the nationals did not have jim riggleman in their plans for the future and the irony of this whole thing is jim riggleman went out a winner. nats and mariners today, jason marquis filthy dirty in this game. eight innings of shutout ball. only three hits involved. a combackhitter. one out for laynce nix. tagging. he is plenty safe. walk-off sack fly. now 38 and 37 as jim riggleman departs. >> what do you get for a team that has everything? john wall. not a position on the wizards roster that couldn't be upgraded with some fresh blood. they will have a chance to do that in the nba draft.
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the wizards will pick tonight. they got the second first roundser from the hawks in the jordan crawford trade last year. 26th in the league in rebounding. tells us they need some beef up front but the manager says nothing is in store. >> occasionally we will move it around a little bit but, again, it will go up and down 15 spots. might be one or two. you kind of change. have difference of opinions. >> wizards will pick with that number 6 the 6'11" forward out of the czech republic. others say the wizards will go with -- i knew i was going to screw it up. 6'11" player from overseas as well. >> we will have more on that tonight. the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7 p.m.
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have a great night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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